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Have you ever wondered what champion bodybuilders and athletes know that we don't? We know they must be doing something different because they look and perform so much better than we do.

They take the same supplements we do. They used the same weights and machines that we do. We workout as hard and long as they do.

It isn't some magic elixir they go from a troll (the one under the bridge). It isn't some under-the-counter illegal substance. So what exactly is their secret?

They work smarter that we do, it's that simple. They utilize their workout time better, get more done and enjoy better results.

That's not magic, but how are their workouts smarter? Two words are part of the answer: Super-Set.

In order to cram more exercise into the hour or two you get to workout each day, you have to maximize your effort during that time. Working one muscle while another one rests is one part of the equation.

Super-Sets Super-setting evolved in the early 1950s amongst the elite bodybuilders in the USA.

It was an approach to working out that was advocated by some of the greats of that era: Clancy Ross, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Tommy Sansone, Mickey Hargitay, George Eiferman and others.

The principle involves working two compatible muscle groups consecutively with no rest between muscle groups and only a brief rest between sets.

An example of a super set is to perform one exercise for your biceps and then immediately do a triceps exercise. After one minute rest, you perform the same biceps-triceps routine. This is kept up for five sets.

Super-setting also involves different parts of the same muscle group. For example a chest super-set would be to perform a set of bench presses, immediately followed by a set of dumbbell flies.

A back super-set example is to perform lat-machine pull-downs, immediately followed by bent-over-rowing with a barbell.

This sort of blitzing each muscle group enables you to condense your workout and get more done during your allotted time.

You teardown the muscle and tire it completely so that it may rebuild from all the protein you ingest.

Super-Super Sets I had been working out at Bill Pearl's south-central Los Angeles gym for a short time and became acquainted with a couple of other gym-rats who were under Bill's personal tulage.

They shared with me a killer routine that will leave you exhausted and your muscles quivering.

They called it Super-Super Sets or Triple-Sets. The principle, like Super Setting, is to take three compatible muscle groups and work them consecutively without rest and then repeat this after a short rest for five sets.

The second step is to take three more exercises for the same three muscles and complete five more sets.

The third step is to take three more exercises for the same three muscles and repeat the routine.

You then select more compatible muscle groups and do the same thing all over again. A complete upper body workout may be completed in about thirty minutes and you will have done fifteen sets per muscle group.

The lower body and core can be worked in the same manner. In my personal experience, this routine will leave you absolutely exhausted. If you are loading your system with protein, you will grow.

Supplementation with L-glutamine will shorten your recovery time from this blitz.

An example of an upper body workout is to select exercises for your chest, shoulders and back and do the triple set routine. You will perform a total of nine exercises for each muscle group.

The second part of the upper body workout is arms. Select exercises for biceps and triceps and perform the triple sets as described herein.

In about thirty minutes you will have performed fifteen sets each for chest, shoulders, back, biceps and triceps. And you will be worn-out.


How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
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