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Every since our first bodybuilder, the caveman Oogah, picked up a rock in his cave and did overhead presses, the sit-up has been thought to be the best way to trim our waist and develop a six-pack of abdominals.

Modern bodybuilding science has shown that this simply isn't true.

Sure, sit-ups will help you build a strong core, but a formula for six-pack success they are not. The Iron Guru, Vince Gironda, was never a strong advocate of sit-ups for waist development.

Vince was the forerunner of specialized exercises for specific body parts and he had the best abs in the bodybuilding game in his heyday.

There are more muscles in your core section that just the abdominals. It is important to include exercises for these as well.

Also, there are compound exercises that work different parts of the same muscle or several muscles in the group.

Here are some exercises that will build and define all of your waist muscles; upper and lower abdominals, front and rear obliques and your lower back.

Do not pull with your arms, but use your stomach muscles to curl you body. Hold the crunch for a two-count, then return to the floor. Don't pause at the floor, but immediately perform another crunch.

Do as many as you can for three sets.


How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
To get this e-book now