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How To Get Back In Shape After a Vacation

Going back to work and everyday life is tough enough without having to worry about a muffin top, or some extra belly fat you bought back as a souvenir.

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They say that prevention is the best cure for anything. The best way to get back into shape after a vacation is not to get out of shape in the first place.

I know that sometimes it isn't possible to workout the whole time you're on vacation, but often we don't because we are very involved in other activities.

If you are not able to fit in some gym-time while on vacation, for whatever reason, you have to approach your first few workouts with a little more care when you return.

If you have been off for a week or two, you will experience some muscle soreness the day after your first workout.

This is normal as you are tearing down anew some of your muscle tissues.

To minimize the soreness, load your system with protein before and after your first few workouts, particularly eggs, fish and turkey that are all high in useable protein. Also, take your protein powder supplement with raw milk and a little locally produced honey.

Make your first workout back from vacation a low-and-medium weight, high-repetition session. You won't tear up as much muscle tissue and you will ready to really hit it hard on the next workout.

It's a fact of nature that the older you get the quicker you get out of shape. It also takes longer to get back in the groove, too.

As far as the "prevention" part of the cure, during your vacation you certainly can find some time to perform some body-weight resistance exercises.

How about doing some push-ups and a few chins, followed by some crunches and leg raises. It may not be a full body workout, but you'll keep your muscles conditioned and you will definite feel better.

In an earlier article, I discussed the problems of a professional traveler keeping up with his/her fitness regimen. Some of this information bears repeating.

There are exercise devices that are small enough to be packed with your clothing. Take along some workout gear and you'll be ready for a workout at nearly any time.

Get up a half hour earlier and fit in some exercises, or try to take a few minutes before dinner to work up a sweat. You'll feel better for it.

Some of the gear you might be able to pack includes: Push-up handles, a doorway pull-up bar, rubber or spring exercisers, hand-grip exercisers and a forearm exerciser.

None of these take up much room and their presence in your bag may motivate you to at least use them a few times. Visualization helps too.

Just before falling asleep, visualize your self working out with your maximum weights. A few minutes of this will keep your body attuned to your workout schedule you may be surprised to learn.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a surgeon who wrote "Psycho-Cybernetics" about how to program the mind as you would a computer, described several experiments using athletes. In one they used track stars, the other basketball players.

The both experiments were conducted before the start of a new season. The athletes were comprised of two groups, one of whom was told to practice their sport the others were to meditate and visualize themselves practicing.

Both groups had their skills tested before the test. The groups improved the same amount; those that actually practiced and those who visualized.

Mind over matter, it does work.

Whatever your opportunities or choices, hit the gym as soon as you are home. You might be surprised to find your energy level elevated and your enthusiasm high.

Don't worry too much about the day-after soreness, it will be gone after the second workout.


How to Get 6 Pack Abs
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How to get 6-Pack ABs
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