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How To Get Six-Pack Abs

A Worthy Goal Or a Fantasy:

This article will deal with six-pack abs and how you can achieve them.

The legendary Jack LaLanne and equally renowned Vince Gironda were a fitness trainer and bodybuilder of the same generation. They were of similar height and weight, both showed muscular, trim-waisted physiques and both were revered by their students.

Jack LaLanne was more of a general fitness guru, while Gironda was a bodybuilder well known for his posing routines and extreme abdominal display.


Jack was a proponent of high repetition exercises and once performed 10,000 sit-ups on the fifties TV show, "You Asked For It." He also completed 1,033 push-ups on another episode of the same show. Jack was very fit and practiced what he preached on his daily Los Angeles television show.

Vince on the other hand was a bodybuilder who, without great size (170 pounds at his biggest), achieved fame because of his great posing and extremely "cut-up" musculature. Vince's abs were the awe of the bodybuilding world. Vince Gironda never performed sit-ups.

What was the secret to Vince's great abs and cut-up muscles? Diet and exercise. The same formula used by Jack LaLanne for his extreme fitness. But why were Vince's abs far more defined and developed than LaLanne's... and Vince didn't do sit-ups, while Jack could do 10,000?

Some of us are not genetically predisposed to highly defined musculature, but we can still achieve that six-pack. How well it shows depends upon the depth of our commitment. A six-pack abs development, one that you can really see, takes a lot of dedication to both diet and exercise.

The first element is diet. Get rid of any fat. In order for the abs to be seen as more than just a hint under that adipose, the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin, you have to get rid of it.

Otherwise, you may have nicely developed abs, but they will be only slight ripples in the lard (I know, I know, that statement isn't nice, but I'm trying to keep your attention).

A bodybuilder's diet is in order: High protein, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and lots of water. To get that six-pack, carbs should be restricted until the fat is gone. A properly balanced diet can then be initiated.

Vince advocated a concentrated diet for bodybuilders that consisted of four days of zero carbs, fifth day free, repeat this for up to six weeks.

We know that zero carbs is nearly impossible to achieve and what's more, it's unhealthy. It may take longer, but a balanced diet will ultimately achieve the results you are looking for... if you apply it properly and stick to it.

Supplement your diet with good, soluble oil (wheat germ oil), a protein supplement and natural amino acid supplements like lipotropic compound (Lipo-3).

These supplements will super-charge your metabolism and encourage your body to burn more fat. Drink a lot of water and abstain from caffeine and alcohol.

There is probably more fact and fiction about abdominal exercises than for the exercises for any other part of the human body. Some advocates say that they are not necessary while others will spend a lot of time in ab-specific routines. Who is right? Both are to some degree.

For a visible six-pack, however, it's the diet and a complete body workout routine that does the trick. Some abdominal work is necessary so their development is visible when your diet removes that fat layer that lies under everyone's skin.

You have to exercise the abs to develop them and to have a strong core to prevent back injury. Abdominal exercises that seem to build the muscles better are crunches, bicycle kicks and leg raises.

The Swiss Ball exercises for the core will develop the abdominal muscles very well.

Abdominal Exercises

Concentrate on the "crunch" of curling your ribs towards your hips. Pause while contracting your abdominals very hard for a few seconds. Inhale and slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat until the muscles are fatigued. The whole crunch movement should only be a few inches.

Other Exercises that will contribute to your six-pack

Throughout your regular exercises, both with weights and floor exercises, keep your abdominals tense.


Let's review what we've learned in this article.

It isn't going to be easy, but it is achievable by anyone willing to dedicate the time and effort to a long-term program.

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How to Get 6 Pack Abs
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How to get 6-Pack ABs
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