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Looking for a fresh new workout that will build arms that your girlfriends will envy?

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With summer rapidly approaching and warm weather already here, it is time to bring out your shorts and tank tops (if you haven't already).

Getting your clothing ready for summer is the easy part. The hard part is getting your body ready.

There are few things more disconcerting than to discover that you have "hang-down" triceps when you elevate your arm or that your biceps jiggle when you move. How about skin that looks like the surface of a golf ball, all pale and dimpled.

You are going to display those arms, so let's get them ready for the showing. You ladies need not worry that you are going to have arms like Arnold if you work them hard.

Hey, even the guys who work theirs hard don't look like the "Governator," with his baseball biceps and horseshoe triceps.

Women do not possess the natural genes to build muscle bulk like men do on their upper body. Women do possess the ability to get very fit with trim, muscular (but not bulky) arms. Think of Linda Hamilton in "Terminator II."

What you gals need is a program to exercise your arms, leaving them trim, fit and strong, and a fitting match for that great looking tank top.

Don't neglect the other parts of your workout, but incorporate an arm-blitzing series into your regular regimen.

Barbell Curl for your biceps: We will begin with some light weight biceps curls with a barbell. Stand erect with your feet spread to shoulder width.

With the barbell in your hands and your arms hanging at full length, begin the curl by bending your knees slightly and leaning back.

Bring the bar to hip level and then continue to bring it up along your body, straightening up as you do so. As you pass the halfway mark you should be fully erect.

As you continue, lean forward as your your arms are fully contracted.

In the finish position you should be bent forward enough that your upper arm is perpendicular to the ground, not with your elbows forward.

Return the bar to the start position by slowly moving it down along your body as you begin to lean back.

Your finish position should be slightly leaning back with your knees slightly bent and your hands holding the barbell at your hip points.

Perform ten repetitions for three sets with a weight heavy enough that ten reps bring your biceps to near exhaustion.

Preacher Bench or Cable-and-Pulley Curls for Biceps: Using a preacher bench and an easy-curl bar with light weights, or using a cable-and-pulley machine, perform three sets of ten curls.

The movements should be done slowly with your focus on the biceps.

Modified French Presses for Triceps: Using a flat bench and a lightly loaded barbell or easy-curl bar, assume a supine position on the bench and take the bar from your partner or off the bench, palms facing upwards and gripped closely together.

Elevate the bar straight overhead with your upper arms perpendicular to your body.

Lower the bar towards your forehead, keeping your upper arms perpendicular.

As the hands near your forehead, begin to rotate the bar towards your chest. Your upper arm should begin to move towards your feet and you should keep them at body width.

To return to the start position, begin to rotate your hands back towards your forehead as you bring your upper arm back to the perpendicular position.

Without pausing at your forehead, continue the movement of pressing the barbell upwards to the full overhead position.

Repeat this for three sets of ten repetitions. This movement will pull your triceps all the way to your elbow for a full length muscle workout.


I hope that these few exercises will add a dimension to your workout and give you those firm, fit arms to hang out of your tank top.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
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