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How To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle

Every bodybuilder has some idea of how to bulk up, but few of them really know how to lose fat and gain muscle. Bulking up is the easy part, all you have to do is pump ever-increasing amounts of iron.

The losing fat is the hard part because that requires a lot of self discipline and dedication.

It is a fact that the more muscle you build the more fat you burn. Muscle requires three times more energy to function than fat will use. Part of the solution to losing fat is to gain muscle.

Losing fat is diet:

This part is the hardest because it requires that we shut off all desires for desserts, candy, soft drinks, bread made with any type of flour and alcoholic beverages. No refined sugars or grains allowed on a bodybuilders diet.

A bodybuilder weight and resistance training program will include exercises for every muscle group in the body; chest, shoulders, back, arms, core and legs. You need to make five trips a week to the fitness center for at least an hour or more of pumping iron per session.

If you are a fitness novice, you will need to seek the advice of an expert on the best way for you to lose fat and gain muscle. The trainer at your local fitness centre is the logical person to go to. They will establish a program for you that works every muscle to total exhaustion at least once per week.

Here is what a weekly schedule of workouts and other fitness activity will look like:

Monday  - Workout focus is on chest. Tuesday  - Workout focus is on legs. Wednesday  - Workout focus is on Shoulders. Thursday  - Workout focus is on Back. Three sets of 10 reps on each. Friday  - Workout focus is on Arms. Three sets of 10 reps.


The really hard part

Protein - 25% of calories from eggs, organ meats, red meat, poultry and fish Carbohydrates - 40% of calories from fresh fruits and vegetables. No potatoes or rice. Fats and Fibers - 35% of calories from natural fats, soluble oils and fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Supplements - Protein powder, amino acids and vitamins.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
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