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The Key To A Shaped And Defined Body

Using Dumbbells

You spent all that time lifting heavy weights, you perform your cardio religiously, you've watched your diet, you've been taking protein supplements, but your musculature isn't as shapely and defined as you want.

What to do, what to do?

Dumbbells could be the answer. The mechanics involved in performing dumbbell exercises work the muscles in a different manner than by using a straight barbell or weight machine.

The exercise dynamics of hefting individual weights in each hand make each muscle do all the work by itself.

Most of the major bodybuilding champions have used dumbbell exercises to work every upper body part and parts of the lower.

These exercises are incorporated into their weightlifting routine for each muscle group, usually after the muscle has been worked with free weights and machines.


Finishing sets of dumbbells breakdown the muscles that extra little bit that will lead to a better shape and more cuts.

Since your body is already warmed and worked by the time you get to the dumbbell sets, you can start with your heaviest weight and work down.

The approach is to use a weight with which you can complete eight to ten reps. Most pros view the dumbbells as the way to "rep-out" at the end of a workout, totally ripping and exhausting each muscle group.

Here are some of the dumbbell exercises for each muscle group:


After completing your shoulder work with barbells and machines, use these moves to blitz the deltoids and trapezius.


Use these exercises to finish off the pectoralis major and delt-pec tie-in.

Arms - Biceps

Arms - Triceps

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How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
To get this e-book now