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The Secrets To Setting Up Your Own Workout Space

The best thing about an at-home-gym? The savings!

I don't know about you, but I know plenty of people who pay $500 to become a member of a gym or health club, then they pay $30 per week to maintain their membership!

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There are a number of advantages to setting up your own home gym. First, once you have amortized the cost of equipment there is no further outlay of money.

Second, you are not confined to any commercial fitness club hours of operation. Third, you don't have to listen to any pulse-pumping music while you exercise!

If you have made the decision to set up your own workout space, or better yet, a workout room, you may have some renovations to perform. Before you move in any equipment, you should prepare the allocated area.

The biggest concern should be the flooring. The sub flooring, particularly if it is wood, should be protected. Inexpensive, interlocking rubber tiles are one good answer. A thick, low knap carpet is another.

If you are planning on wall-mounted equipment, you should consider reinforcing the area where you will attach the devices.

A sheet of industrial-grade plywood maybe appropriate if fastened into the studs in the walls.

Once you have your gym room prepared, it is time to acquire and move the equipment into the space.

Many home gyms use a combination of free-weights and cable-and-pulley machines. Another option is a multi-gym; a central core of multiple purpose weight stacks operated from a number of exercise-specific stations on the perimeter.

Other possibilities include multi-gyms from innovators like Bowflex and Nautilus.

Personally, I have no problem with used equipment. If you are on a budget (and who isn't in these economic times), you can conduct a search for your home-gym equipment in the newspaper want-ads, or on internet sites like eBay or Craig's List.

It is possible to find slightly used equipment where the owner forgot his New Years resolutions to get fit after just a few short months. Or you may find refurbished equipment that carries a factory warranty.

It is probably best to stay away from elaborate, electronic equipment like treadmills and ellipticals that don't carry some sort of guarantee or that come from a trusted source. Unless, of course, you have the expertise to evaluate the machine.

You will want the capability of working your entire body in your home-gym

Some basic equipment you will need:

For the really budget conscious, you might consider the route I took.

After having set up a couple of workout areas in several garages over the years, I finally decided to invest some time and very little money in building my own racks, benches and wall-mounted equipment.

I sketched some basic designs of equipment in the local fitness club, complete with dimensions and some idea of the materials used.

Then I enrolled in an adult education class at the local community college. The course, Basic Arc-Welding.

For ten dollars per class for using their welding machine and material, I made a set of squat racks, four weight storage racks, a decline-incline bench, a bench press bench and a wall-mounted lat machine.

The material used was angle iron, steel pipes and heavy plywood for the benches. My total cost was about $80 and my time invested was two hours, once-a-week for eight weeks.

I acquired an Olympic weight set and two easy-curl bars from a liquidation sale. I bought two more weight sets from home-gymers who had lost their initiative.

I had more than 700 pounds of plates, five bars (including a six-foot Olympic bar) and several dumbbell sets.

My total investment, include the welding class expense, was less than $300. Today's inflation might double that amount... but, maybe not.


How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
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